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Austin, Texas


Chapter Meetings & Activities

OUR GOAL: To Gather As Brethren of NO MA'AM while we go bowling or sample the wares of Austin's night clubs. We don't have a strictly defined meeting schedule but usually meet after bowling, at least for an adult beverage or two. Occasionally, we will wander over to one of the following clubs for adult entertainment and beverages.
to see if that changes.
Date & Time Location Notes
WARNING! Some links contained on this page may refer to adult web sites with NSFW images. View at your own risk! Don't know what NSFW is? You're too young - go away. hahah
(FORMER League Night)
 Dart Bowl 
5700 Grover Ave.
Austin TX 78756
Dart Bowl is CLOSED. They succumed to the recent pandemic which forced reduced patronage. Since Dart closed, members have spread out to other bowling centers and leagues.
(Only one founding member is still a regular)
 Common Interest 
8440 Burnet Rd
Austin TX 78757
One of our favorite watering holes.

Usually BUSY on Friday, somewhat dead during the week. But sometimes we're surprised and it's the opposite - especially when an office party has invaded the place! The CI Grill has some very tasty food. You'll find Jaime cooking it up Wednesday through Saturday, and Larry Sunday through Tuesay. Daily Drink Specials! See web site for details.
Varies  Perfect 10 Highland Cabaret 
404 Highland Mall Blvd.
Austin TX 78752
Sometimes spontaneously after bowling, or on weekends.

Formerly Sugar's. MANY changes. All new staff (everyone else was fired!).
Lunch; when we get a chance  Palazio Men's Club 
501 East Ben White Blvd.
Austin TX 78704
We've hit this place a few times for lunch meetings.
Favorite entertainers: None currently, but check our  reviews 
Not as often  The Yellow Rose
6528 North Lamar
Austin TX 78758
512-458-2106 Club
512-431-5277 Limo
Usually, great lunch specials, so we might have to try this more often.
?  Perfect 10 North
16511 Bratton Ln
Austin TX 78728
Exact date(s) to be determined. (It's a little far for some of our members who live way down south.)
See our  reviews page  for more detailed thoughts on these establishments.