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Austin, Texas


Reviews of Local Establishments
Note: It appears that most are currently open for business since they have a food license.
Most (or all) will have mask and social distancing requirements. Be sure to check specifics before you go (website or call).

Location Info Our Review
 Palazio Men's Club 
501 East Ben White Blvd.
Austin TX 78704
  • Palazio has become, IMHO, the best of breed south of 183 in Austin. They seem to have a very nice variety of entertainers. Something/someone for everyone.
  • GONE are the days of the free complimentary lunch buffet. Lunch specials used to be pretty good. Steak & shrimp lunch specials have disappeared altogether. We couldn't find any lunch specials listed on the website currently. The menu is all over the place. Some items (12-oz Ribeye $18) are still pretty reasonable, while others are way OVER-priced. A cheeseburger for $10? Grilled cheese for $9 Really? You do have the best strip club menu in town, but when a burger is the same price as the sirloin steak, there's something wrong. I know this is Austin, Texas and the influx of outsiders have driven property prices through the roof. But there's no good reason for kind of gouging. I don't care if it's Angus sirloin. Ya know... Sirloin is not a top cut!
    Sorry Guys! Looks like the reasonable prices have disappeared.  Check here for the current dining info .
  • As the lunch specials have almost withered away, so has the attendance of patrons during lunch. It used to be common for at least half of the club to be filled. Recently, only a couple (or few) of the tables were busy. And I think that's how many entertainers were there also. In about an hour, the entire day crew had rotated through main stage. Don't get me wrong! The few were excellent - just not a huge number to choose from.
  • Entertainers: Seems like Palazio day crew is significantly better than Perfect 10 Highland Cabaret (formerly Sugar's) "A" team. Quite a difference! The evening crew is pretty hot, too.
  • Almost surprisingly, one entertainer offered an "anything goes" session in VIP for $600 for one hour, or $800 for two hours (includes club VIP fees). Another was "only" $500/hour. Actually, not surprising at all since many of these gals likely provide full services inside and outside the club (as per the ladies themselves). Sorry, babe! Just because I drop a few bills for dances does NOT mean I'm independently wealthy. I'm sure some of the scum out there is willing to pay for that, but not me.
  • I'm sure this place has VIP memberships to rival Perfect 10 Highland Cabaret (formerly Sugar's) or other clubs. Sorry, but that's just tooooo rich for my blood.
  • Free cover passes might be available, but seem to be quite difficult to obtain these days. Just go early enough so you won't have a cover charge. "Sin Tax" still applies, though. And don't be a cheap ass schmuck! Tip the lovely lady at the door.
  • The website stinks, but if you poke around (y'all know how to do that, right?), you'll probably find most of the information you need.
 The Yellow Rose 
6528 North Lamar
Austin TX 78758
512-458-2106 Club
512-431-5277 Limo
  • The website has come a long way. It's now responsive now (which means it looks good on your smart phone, too). Just poke around to find the info you're looking for.
  • A few of us went one evening, and a couple others for lunch. Like most other places, no cover charge for lunch. But be prepared for a hefty $10+ cover charge in the evening. There's no info about cover charge on the web site.
  • The lunch specials are usually pretty good. And I think they still give free refills on soft drinks. Ask your waitress, though, before you order a refill... just in case that changes. YMMV.
  • The entertainment during lunch was a bit sparse, but Dahlia was available and very nice. If time permits, we'll have to try this one more often, though lunch for me is too far now since I work out of the area.
  • One gripe I have is that some of my formerly favorite seating is now VIP/reserved. What's with all these places marking more as VIP/reserved? Do you managers/owners know that you're only hurting your business by alienating us normal, working guys? We're not all retired from California with a million dollars in the bank. Go ahead - shoot yourself in the foot and keep wondering why your business is declining. You managers need to get a clue how to run the business because all you're doing is ruining it.
  • Complimentary limo service is available after 7pm. I'm sure these guys run on tips. So be prepared to drop a few $$$ for the convenience.
 The Red Rose Adult Nightclub 
3615 South Congress
Austin TX 78704
  • Located in the same spot where Exposť used to be, this is the "brand new, exquisite, sister club of The Yellow Rose".
  • Hopefully there is new furnishings and decor in the place as Exposť was quite run down when it closed.
  • Visit the website (link above) for more info and the strict dress code.
  • Sorry. That's all the information we have at the moment. None of the No Ma'am Austin members have visited this new club yet.
  • We don't know if this is open since they don't appear to have a food license. They are probably closed, but call to find out. No Ma'am is not meeting right now, so you're on your own. Sorry guys!
 Bare Cabaret Austin 
9705 Reservoir Ct
Austin TX 78754
NO phone!
  • Austin's newest all-nude, BYOB, strip club.
  • HORRIBLE Website! Super slow. Very litte information.
  • A link was found on Red Rose as their "After Hours" club.
  • 8,000 square feet; spacious main floor; new tables & chairs for over 150 guests
  • Exclusive 2nd floor for VIP guests.
  • Visit the website (link above) for more info and the strict dress code.
  • Sorry. That's all the information we have at the moment. None of the No Ma'am Austin members have visited this new club yet.
  • No idea if this is even open yet as their site only shows HIRING NOW! And there's no phone number to call to verify any info.
 Perfect 10 Cabaret Highland 
404 Highland Mall Blvd.
Austin TX 78752
  • Renamed from Perfect 10 Cabaret to Perfect 10 Highland
  • This was originally the icon formerly known as Sugar's. They've rebranded to Perfect 10 Highland Cabaret (not to be confused with Perfect 10 Austin on Bratton Lane). They fired everyone - all entertainers, staff, - even Frank, the guy in the restroom (IMO, bad decision by management).
  • A BIG Thank You for getting rid of Flash in favor of (finally) a responsive website without toooo much animation. It still loads slow, and even displays an error at the moment. Disregard the error and carry on.
  • The website now has all their events and specials, as well as a descent dining menu.
  • The food menu has completely changed, and it has probably changed since we've been there. So, sorry... No hints on what's good, bad, or indifferent at the moment. You have to check the web site to see what the specials are - if any. Food specials only Tue-Wed-Thu the last time we checked.
  • Other changes? The VIP area is nearly (or over?) half the club! The music is still unbelievably loud. What are they trying to be? A rock concert? Well... They need to start by getting rid of the ghetto music!
  • We went the week after the first rebranding, and several times after, on Wednesdays after bowling. (Hey! We're No Ma'am!). To say the club was dead would be a gross understatement. The men far outnumbered the women. That's not the ratio you expect or want. When we asked management where the women are, they only said "They're getting ready in the dressing room." A couple of hours later... STILL no women. When we asked management where the women are, they only repeated, "They're in the dressing room getting ready...(blah, blah, blah)"
  • "Regular" drink prices are confusing. Best advice: Go to the bar for your first drink. Ask the bartender what the prices are, and if there are any specials. Specials are also listed on the website. Looks like some decent ones during happy hours. That way, when the waitresses lie to you, you'll at least know you're getting screwed! Especially with the tax on alcohol, there's no telling what the final price is going to be with the waitresses. Best bet is to walk up to the bar and get your drinks yourself. Next best thing is to tip your favorite waitress well up front so she won't screw you on the drink prices.
  • We can't recommend any entertainers any more. They were ALL FIRED! Sorry. You're on your own now. Or go to the Landing Strip to find all the former Sugar's entertainers.
  • As for music, it's STILL a lot of ghetto rap and STILL louder than ever. The loudspeakers in every nook and cranny blast even the cockroaches out of the corners. Why they have to crank it that loud is beyond me. It's difficult to order drinks, food, or talk to anyone. Okay. Right. We didn't go there to talk. But how can I tell my buddies which entertainer was best if they can't hear me? Perfect 10 Highland Cabaret... Can you take a hint?! You're not a heavy metal concert. Turn it down a notch.
  • The atmosphere has not improved since the rebranding. Still way more VIP (mostly underutilized), and less regular seating, ridiculous drink prices, and total LACK of entertainers. I suppose we'll still go occasionally (we haven't!), but not as often as we used to. I have been going there since the 80's. Hell... Back in the "dot-com" days we were there at least 4+ times every week!
  • NO passes for free cover are available any more. Management and waitresses offered nothing. No. I'm not a cheapskate. But let's face facts... A free cover is a neat trick to get you in. And they will more than make up for that cover charge on drinks!
 Perfect 10 
16511 Bratton Lane
Austin TX 78728
  • Exit 250 from South IH35, or Exit 250B from North IH35. Just south of Louis Henna Blvd/SH45 (toll road).
  • Check the Events on the website for what's going on here. Daily specials and the usual televised fight or other sport event. Personally, I'd rather check out the pretty ladies than a couple of bloody dudes who will die young due to severe head trauma. But that's just me! Know what I'm sayin?
  • The website is far better these days. Good going guys! Finally made it to the 21st century. Welcome! We've been waiting for you.
  • We used to frequent this club, but since Dart Bowl closed, teams have restructured and we're not going out as much any more. As such, we don't have any current comments for the atmosphere or the ladies.
 Landing Strip 
745 U.S. 183
Austin TX 78741
(near the ABIA airport)
  • Looks like a lot of former Sugar's dancers ended up here!
  • There are probably nightly specials, but check their Facecrap page to see what they've posted. Their website is dead and gone - which sucks! The last time I passed by, the sign outside said no cover before 8pm, but they still charge the $5 sin tax when you come in. Caveat emptor! YMMV.
  • $150 bottle menu. Really? $30 bottle for ONLY $150. I'm happy for you rich guys that can afford this. Of course, it is a better deal when compared to the overly inflated single drink prices!
  • The only other thing we have to report right now is $5 dances on Tuesday. They are strictly timed (2 minutes per songs), but that's okay. Still seems a somewhat okay deal. But if you're expecting $5 for a long song like In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, forget it.
 Sugar's Austin 
REBRANDED 404 Highland Mall Blvd.
Austin TX 78752
  • This place was an Austin icon, better known for their premier status from the 80s through the early 2000s. They went through constant changes since then, and it was hard to keep up (pun intended). It is now REBRANDED to try to get rid of the old stench. See Perfect 10 Cabaret above for more recent info.
South Congress Avenue
Austin TX 78747
 Other Clubs 
  • We'll expand this section IF we go to any other clubs. With the limited reviews we've seen on other sites, it's not likely. Other places include Chicas Bonitas, Rick's Cabaret, XTC (BYOB), and others. Sorry guys... You're on your own! Check out Yelp, or other reviewer sites for info on these.