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Local Chapter
Austin, Texas


Member Roster

Name Position Held
Brother Michael S. Chapter President / Chief Technology Officer / Charter Member
Brother Dwight R. Vice President / Charter Member
Brother Neal S. Chapter Treasurer / Charter Member / PROB*
Brother Johnny T. Charter Member at Large / PROB*
Brother Joe H. Entertainment Director / Member
Brother Robert C. Member
Brother David R. F. Member
Brother Shawn N. Member at Large / OTR*
Brother Allan G. Former Member / PROB*
YOU?! Member (online application coming soon)

Membership into NO MA'AM has been described as exclusive, and those who wish to join must (described as NO MA'AM Pledge, NO MA'AM Plebe and Man in Training) must endure several rites of passage, and/or a challenging labor, "something really, really stupid that benefits no one" to prove they are worthy of membership. Chugging beers until one pukes has been specifically stated to be reserved for full members. Members are also referred to as "brother" once considered a member of the organization.

Members receive a personalize membership card, to brandish and incite jealousy from all others.

Members may also request a NoMaam.us email address, if desired. A perk of membership!

* OTR = On The Road - a member who's job keeps him from attendance. Is likely scouting out new locations across the country!

* PROB = Probation - a member we've seen, but hasn't attended a meeting in a reasonable amount of time.

* PRV = Provisional - must attend a meeting and participate in "rituals" as decided by members present.

* MIA = Missing In Action - a member we haven't seen in a long time and is subject to removal.